Thursday, March 3, 2011

Components of E-Business by Henriette Farah

What is E-commerce?

E -commerce which refers to electronic – commerce that means selling and buying products and services through the internet or other computer network.

It becomes one of the most useful ways for the customers to make their purchases without the barriers of time or distance, by logging on to the internet at any time you can sell or purchase whatever you want by a single click of the mouse and it is much cheaper than traditional means because of the absence of the human assistance.

There are many components in order to build a good e-commerce site, and I would like to mention the most seven ones.

The first one is (product information):
You have to give all the information of your product or service in a very clear and specific way because buying from your site depends mainly on the information provided.

It is preferable to add videos and pictures about your goods because it is not tangible for the customers, so seeing it or watching a video about it removes the lack of item intangibility

The second component is (different ordering methods):
Using different ordering methods give strength to your web site; you can use telephone, fax or ordinary mail, that way customers can always feel safe because they can talk to a live person if anything goes wrong

The third component is (different payments methods):
In your e-commerce web site is it preferable to use different payment methods like: electronic checks, e-bullion, PayPal, and credit cards.
In that way users can choose the most convenient way and feel more secure to buy from your site or to sell their products through your e commerce site.

The fourth component is (Shopping Cart with Tax Calculation):

In your web site you have to create a shopping cart or shopping bag beside each item you would like to sell, so that customers can add the items they are willing to purchase in that cart when they are buying more than one item and your shopping cart should have the ability to calculate them correctly.

The fifth component is (Guarantees):
You have to mention your guarantee policy to convenience your customer that if the product or service did not match their expectation they will be able to get their money back, in this way customers will fell more secured and more comfortable to buy from your web site.

The sixth component is (privacy policy):
your website must have a privacy policy, and you have to explain to your customers what you plan to do with the various information that you collect, and if your site is planning to use cookies, make sure to mention this aspect in your privacy policy as well.

The seventh and final component is (Security):
In order to build a good e commerce web site you have to use a security system like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) this system will ensure your customer that the information given will not fall into the hand of hacker while transferring from his computer to the web server, and in this way you also show your customers how you really concern about their sensitive information.

Finally you have to add all these components all together in order to create a professional e-commerce website that every one prefers to use in order to buy or sell products and services.


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